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Cycle of classic films screening in Srpska


With the showing of James Whale’s “Frankenstein”, Republika Srpska’s Cinematheque opened a cycle of classic films titled “Literature and Film” in Pale.

Director of the Cinematheque, Milovan Pandurevic, explained that this cycle of films will be dedicated to masterpieces from the 30’s, adding that many films have their roots in literature, which is why the film industry is returning to literature for inspiration.

He added that Srpska’s Cinematheque has a permanent program of “Film archives”, which is recognized throughout Srpska.

Cinematheque will soon encompass cycles dedicated to film and theatre, film and art and perhaps film and Christianity.

This year, Cinematheque has big ambitions in preparing this program and screening it in Pale, Banjaluka, Trebinje, Doboj, Foca and other cities throughout Srpska, said Pandurevic.



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