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Czech Communists are in favor of withdrawing Kosovo’s recognition


The Czech-Moravian Communist Party has prepared a proposal for the Czech Republic to withdraw recognition of self-proclaimed Kosovo, which it will submit to parliament.

The leader of the party, Vojtěch Filip, said he had informed of the proposal by Czech President Miloš Zeman, who himself had launched such an initiative himself, and was pleased that they had accepted it.

– I think that’s okay because several UN countries have taken such a step, – he told the Czech public broadcaster, adding that KSMC is now seeking support in other parliamentary clubs since the Czech state leadership rejected President Zeman’s proposal in October last year to withdraw recognition of Kosovo.

– The Czech Republic should withdraw recognition of Kosovo because neither President Zeman nor his predecessor Václav Klaus has appointed a Czech ambassador to Kosovo, which is a condition of recognition of the state under Czech law and international law – said Vojtech an argument that this time communist deputies explain a necessity withdrawal of recognition of Kosovo.

President Zeman’s arguments for withdrawing Kosovo’s recognition, when he announced his initiative during a visit to Belgrade in September 2019, were a 2008 resolution of the lower house of the Czech parliament, which required the then center-right government of Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek not to acknowledge it at all Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence, which the government did not respect and recognized Kosovo.

The Czech state leadership agreed on Zeman’s suggestion that the historical circumstances of Czech recognition of Kosovo in 2008 were problematic, but that Prague and Pristina did not mind developing bilateral relations.


Source: SRNA


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