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Dacic: Dialogue will likely continue in different format


Ivica Dacic says that Serbia will in 2019 certainly intensively deal with the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, and “probably in a different format than until now.”

“No one can say – we will solve Kosovo and Metohija next year, at least no serious politician in our country and abroad. As far as I’m concerned, I would like to have an agreement and a solution tomorrow, but that’s not realistic, many more things need to fall into place,” the foreign minister told the weekly Nedeljnik.

This was his reply when asked whether he expects the Kosovo issue to be resolved next year.

According to excerpts from the interview Nedeljnik sent to Tanjug, reported late on Wednesday, Dacic pointed out that European negotiators have stood aside for some time – they will have elections in May, and then a few more months will pass before they put together the Commission and choose the successor to Federica Mogherini.

“The United States wants to fill that vacuum and that’s good for the whole process, because we do not want to waste time. That’s why Donald Trump’s letter to President Vucic is encouraging as a good sign that America also cares for the dialogue to continue, not to lose that momentum, as has happened many times in the last five or six years, always thanks to Pristina,” said the head of Serbian diplomacy.

He pointed out that, in his opinion, it would be useful to involve other large countries, such as Russia and China, along with the United States, as it would provide broad international guarantees for everything that would be agreed upon.

“This would mean full international legitimacy for everything agreed upon concerning Kosovo and Metohija, and above all, it would ensure that the agreement lasts a long time, which is very much in Serbia’s interest,” he added.

Dacic pointed out that the idea of ​​”delimitation” between Serbs and Albanians “is the only one on the table, but it must be accompanied by a number of other agreements.”

“We are not giving up on the highest rights for the Serb community in Kosovo and Metohija, from the protection of the Serb heritage, from the great amount of property that Serbia has in Kosovo and Metohija, and everyone knows that well,” said Dacic.


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