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Dacic to seek “urgent meeting” on SPS-SNS cooperation


SPS leader Ivica Dacic says he will ask for an urgent meeting with SNS leader Aleksandar Vucic “on the future cooperation” between the two ruling parties.

Dacic, who is Serbia’s foreign minister, said he and Vucic, who serves as prime minister, should hold this meeting “in the interest of Serbia and its future.”

“For the sake of the future and stability of Serbia, relations and cooperation of the SPS and our coalition partners – the Party of Pensioners and United Serbia – with the SNS are of the key importance,” Dacic said. According to the Beta agency, he made the comment during the Presidency meeting – and this was announced by the ministry.

He stated that the meeting of the SPS unanimously concluded the Serbian government achieved outstanding results, particularly in the area of ​​financial consolidation and economic reform, as well as foreign policy, which resulted in an improved international position of the country.

Dacic said the economic collapse of the country had been prevented, and that the first chapters in the negotiations on EU membership had been opened.

“Our friendship with Russia and China has been deepened, our holy sites in Kosovo and Metohija in UNESCO defended, the collective branding of the Serbian people as genocidal in the UN Security Council blocked, Belgrade was the European and world diplomatic capital, along with large-scale infrastructure projects in the country,” Dacic said.

Source: B92



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