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Dacic’s verbal clash with the Pristina delegation after the UN Security Council (VIDEO)


Kosovo’s Ambassador in Washington Vlora Citaku posted a video on her Twitter profile showing a reaction from Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic to her call for a “decolonization of Kosovo” in her speech to the UN Security Council.

The video shows Dacic approaching Citaku who was sitting with US and British officials and telling her that she was sitting with colonizers. “You know who the colonizers are? The ones you’re sitting with! Colonization, that’s the stupidest thing in the world,” Dacic said, speaking in Serbian, before turning away and walking out of the UN Security Council chamber.

Citaku Tweeted that she was talking to members of the US and UK delegations when Dacic walked up and “insulted her and the Kosovo delegation”.

Dacic’s comment was in fact referring to Citaku’s speech at the session of the UN Security Council, in which she said that in the case of Serbia and so-called Kosovo is about decolonialization.

After the session of the UN Security Council, Dacic said that he was shocked by the lies of Citaku. “How much one should have no shame in the Security Council in front of the great colonial forces that had their colonies all over the world, and in front of African, South American and Asian countries that were liberated from colonialism, use one such expression without being ashamed, it is pure insolence, “Dacic.

He invited Citaku to prove that Albanian monuments in Kosovo existed in the 13th and 14th centuries. “When she showed me a historical monument of Albanian origin from the 13th or 14th century from Kosovo, when she showed a monument from that period, then I could say that the Albanians were there at that time. But to tell the Serbs that they are colonizers, that they ruled and did not live in Kosovo, it is disgusting, “Dacic said.






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