Home News Dajana Dangubic is the first female Tank Commander in the AF BiH

Dajana Dangubic is the first female Tank Commander in the AF BiH


At the beginning of the September 2017, an open call for candidates with the initial officer rank of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BiH) will be announced.

It will open to young men and women who have completed their university education. Being an officer in the AF BiH means being a part of a team which is constantly developing and advancing, second lieutenant Dajana Dangubic says.

Dajana is the first female commander of an M-84 tank.

“My professional military specialty is the armored mechanical branch, where I am a commander of an M-84. To be an officer means to learn a lot, go to many educations, both abroad and herein BiH. That is one high-quality system, where known, work and perseverance are important regardless of gender. And I really do believe that women can do everything.”

Besides her job, Dajana likes nature and sport.

Dajana marked her graduation from university in Mostar in 2013 by jumping off the Old Bridge.

“I’m one of seven women who’ve ever jumped from the Old Bridge and the only one who repeated that several times. I like adrenaline sports because they help me to advance my own limits through known myself, self-control and discipline.”

Dajana is the national championship in Olympic weight lifting and she won medals in European and world championships. She also does paragliding, sports climbing and alpinism.

“Both sport and the military offer me a better version of me and I constantly advance myself and try to achieve new goals. After I fulfill my expectation, I really am happy,” Dajana Dangubic said.


Source: sarajevotimes


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