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Đaković Dević: Difficult clinical pictures even among the younger population


The epidemiological situation in Srpska is still unfavorable, and what is important to emphasize is that the structure of patients has changed – said Jelena Đaković Dević, an epidemiologist at the Institute of Public Health.

– At the beginning of the epidemic, we mostly saw more severe clinical pictures in the elderly and people with chronic diseases. Now we have difficult clinical pictures even among the younger population – said Đaković Dević.

She pointed out that this was expected somewhere.

– The new patients are mostly the “mobile” population, which is currently much more in situations where the transmission of the virus is possible – she emphasized.

She pointed out that there are several reasons for such a large number of infected people.

– Analyzing the situation on the ground with our epidemiologists, there are several reasons for the large numbers. We discovered many infected people in companies, kindergartens, at various celebrations and gatherings, where the recommended measures could not be followed – pointed out Đaković Dević.

She added that the numbers of those infected are something we absolutely do not like.

– Since the beginning of June, there has been an upward trajectory as far as new patients are concerned, and in the last two weeks with a pronounced deterioration – said Đaković Dević.

As for the clinical picture of the patients, she added that there is still about 80 percent of cases where the clinical picture is weak or they are asymptomatic carriers of the virus.

– However, in some 20 percent of cases, they are people with a moderate or severe clinical picture – she emphasized.




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