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Day of Republika Srpska, January 9th – Proud and Eternal


Republika Srpska celebrates its 27th birthday today.

Republika Srpska was founded on January 9, 1992 under the original name of the Serbian Republic of BiH.

It was founded by the Serbian deputies in the then Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after being voted out on key issues concerning the survival of Yugoslavia, and after the members of the other two nations went into secession by the will of the Serbs who had a constitutive status.

The position and powers of the Republika Srpska were confirmed in Dayton in 1995, when it was established as one of the two entities that constitute BiH.

Since its establishment, the Serbian has a legislative, judicial and executive power.

It extends to 24,857 square meters, according to the latest census from 2013, the Republika Srpska has 1,170,342 inhabitants and 414,847 households.

According to official data provided by the BiH Research and Documentation Center, the survival of the Republic of Srpska during the 1990s conflict has killed 21,000 fighters.

The National Assembly of Republika Srpska did not stop working even in the course of war.

The main industries in Srpska are energy, metallurgy and metal processing, electrical and chemical industry, wood processing industry, textile, leather and footwear industry, construction materials industry, food industry.

Serbian has plenty of natural wealth – the mountains of Zelengora, Treskavica, Jahorina, Romanija, Grmeč, Kozara, Ozren … with huge forest and hunting wealth and a tourist perspective.

The Republic of Srpska has watercourses of powerful rivers such as Una, Sana, Vrbas, Ukrina, Drina and Tara, which are among the most important in the Balkans.




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