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Day of Republika Srpska will be celebrated on January 9th


Day of Republika Srpska will be celebrated on Thursday, January 9, 2020, by a solemn defile and academy.

The central events, like every year, the ceremonial defile on Krajina Square and the ceremonial academy at the Borik Sports Hall in Banja Luka will be held on Thursday, January 9th.

On the same day, awards will be given to deserving institutions and individuals in the Palace of the Republic, and at 12.00 the ceremonial event will begin on Krajina Square.

The solemn academy on the occasion of Republic Day will be held on January 9 next year at the Borik Hall, beginning at 14.00.

On Wednesday, January 8, wreaths are planned to be laid at the Monument to Fallen Soldiers of the Republika Srpska Army at Sveti Pantelija Cemetery, at the Square of Fallen Soldiers in front of the Hotel Bosna, and at the Memorial Bones and Tombs of twelve Banja Luka babies at City Cemetery.

The Presidential Cabinet delegation will also lay flowers at the Banja Luka Baby Monument in the Serbian Heroes Square on a plateau in front of the Republika Srpska Museum of Contemporary Art in Banja Luka, while the Republika Srpska delegation will lay a wreath on the memorial of former President Milan Jelic in Modriča.

Celebrating Republic Day will begin with traditional receptions by Serbian President Zeljko Cvijanovic on December 27 for delegations of the National Assembly and the Council of the People of the Republika Srpska and a delegation of the Government and representatives of the Republika Srpska to joint bodies of BiH.

Receptions are also envisaged for the delegation of the Constitutional Court of the Republika Srpska, the judicial authorities of Srpska, the Ministry of the Interior of the Republika Srpska and the delegation of the Ministry of Defense in the Council of Ministers, the Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republika Srpska, the delegation of veterans’ organizations of Srpska, retired generals, the Association of Creators of the Republika Srpska, the Association of Military pensioners of Republika Srpska in the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Elders of the Republika Srpska Army and representatives of religious communities in Srpska.

Reception for athletes, students and award-winning students, delegations of cultural and scientific workers and representatives of publishers from Republika Srpska, a delegation of businessmen, the Federation of National Minorities of Republika Srpska and media representatives are scheduled for Saturday, December 28.

Republic Day, January 9th, will be solemnly and appropriately commemorated in all cities and municipalities of Republika Srpska, and January 10th is scheduled to commemorate this significant date in the Brcko District and in East Sarajevo with a concert by the Republika Srpska Police Ministry Orchestra.

Republika Srpska was established on January 9, 1992 under the original name of the Republika Srpska.

It was founded by Serb MPs in the then BiH Parliament, after being overridden by key issues relating to the survival of Yugoslavia and by secession by members of the other two nations out of the will of Serbs who had a constituent status.




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