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“Days of Comedy” promises five days of music and laughter


Bijeljina’s festival „Days of Comedy“ will open on the 26th of March with the play „Zvezdarske zvezdice“, performed by the troupe from Belgrade’s Facility for Culture „Vuk Karadzic“.

The writer, director and set designer of this musical play is the popular actres Gorica Popovic. Namely, „Zvezdarske zvezdice“ is a play focused on music, while the text is an essential thread that brings magic to the scene. The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy old and new evergreens and individual tracks writen by Popovic for this occassion.

During the second night of the festival, the troupe from the National Theatre of Republika Srpska will take to the stage and perform the play „Ziranti/Guarantors“. The author of this text, that promises plenty of laughter, is Mario Culum.

The Association of Dramatic Arts of Serbia will present their piece „Hipnotizer /Hypnotist“ on the third day of the festival, directed by Sasa Latinovic. While the fourth night will be enriched by the play „Državni posao /State Job“, directed by Peter Jovanovic and produced by the Youth Theatre of Novi Sad.

„Days of Comedy“ will close with „Kume, izgore ti/Godfather, you burn“, performed by the Theatre Ubuntu from Bijeljina.


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