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Days of Srpska in Serbia – Further fostering of Serbia-Srpska relations


President of Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović stated that “Days of Srpska in Serbia” is a highly successful cooperation and promotion project which is proved by the growing number of local communities that want to take part in the event whose main goal is the promotion of business, cultural, touristic and sporting events, and further fostering of relations between Serbia and Republika Srpska.

“The fact that in our first year we started in Belgrade and that this time we have broken all records by carrying out activities in 21 towns across Serbia proves the scope, significance and successful organisation of this event,” Cvijanović stated addressing guests at the National Theatre in Belgrade at the opening of the Days of Srpska in Serbia event.

She said it was an honour and pleasure to have a chance to attend the opening ceremony of the very important and annual event in Belgrade, which the Representative Office of Republika Srpska in Serbia successfully organised for the seventh time in a row.

“There is no need to speak any further about the closeness of the people living on both sides of the Drina, nor about the fact that our relations go beyond the formal or institutional links, which are reflected in the Agreement on Special and Parallel Relations. There isn’t a single success or problem that is handled by Serbia or Republika Srpska that isn’t in some way equally commonly felt or perceived,” stressed Cvijanović.

She pointed out that every Serbia’s victory, whether it was opening a new factory, building a modern motorway or a gold medal won by the outstanding national women’s volleyball team, made the people in Republika Srpska proud and happy.

“On the other hand, Serbia provides huge support to our efforts to provide stability and further growth of Republika Srpska. That is why there isn’t a more important task, a greater interest, nor a more important goal in Srpska than fostering the relations and making tighter connections with Serbia,” said the President of Republika Srpska.

She noted that through recent and ancient history, the border with Serbia and crossing it safely often meant the matter of life of death, and that today it was paramount to secure a free movement of people, goods, ideas and capital, which will further strengthen business cooperation and overall development.

“We are very grateful to the Serbian leadership for their understanding, principled political support and numerous projects weree realised in Republika Srpska with the financial support of the Serbian Government. It is important to mention here that there is almost no municipality in Srpska today in which Serbia is not present, be it a new or reconstructed school, hospital, kindergarten, road, bridge, sports hall or some other building,” recalled Cvijanović.

She added that Srpska was grateful to Serbia for its help with education and training of its personnel in health care, as well as its support in modernising education.

“Another extremely important thing is Serbia’s participation in our humanitarian campaigns and our citizens appreciate all that. They like the fact that we work and act together,” added Cvijanović.

She said it was a great pleasure to say that relations between Srpska and Serbia were stronger than ever, and that they could only improve further in the future.

“A great contribution to fostering our relations is provided by this event we are closing here tonight. I would like to express special thanks to the Representative Office of Republika Srpska in Belgrade, as well as everyone else who made possible that Days of Srpska in Serbia is organised at the highest level this year too.

“We live in challenging times and carry many burdens from the past and fight the same stereotypes. Many processes are happening around us, as well as within us and that is why we must strengthen our position for the time ahead,” stated Cvijanović, thanking Serbia for its support on behalf of the people and institution of Republika Srpska.


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