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Debate on the anti-corruption strategy in the National Assembly of Srpska

Narodna Skupština

The anti-corruption strategy is on the agenda of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska. One of the priorities of this draft strategy is the prevention of corruption and cooperation between institutions and NGOs to raise awareness about the harmful effects of this phenomenon.

During the parliamentary debate on this document, SNSD’s member in the National Assembly Dusica Savic, stated that the proposed strategy is a continuation of the adoption of an institutional framework to fight corruption. She added that the document’s chapters define methods and tasks for fighting corruption.

There was a clear divide between her thoughts and those of the opposition. Savic concluded that the opposition is not engaging with the essence of the document, but that it’s using this debate to deceive and confuse the public.

SDS deputy Nikola Pasic fought back saying that the proposed strategy is declarative, because “there is no political will on behalf of the authorities to implement this document in Republika Srpska”. Fellow MP, Kostadin Vasic, agreed with Pasic adding that the strategy is identical to the one established between 2008 and 2012 which, according to him, yielded no results.

Other SNSD members expressed their belief that corruption will never be fully eradicated, but that it is necessary to pass legislation’s that would lead to its reduction.


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