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Decisions of all judicial institutions need to be respected


US Ambassador in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maureen Cormack said that she was very pleased that the Constitutional Court of BiH had made the decision about the manner of registering military property in the country and appealed to everyone to respect the decisions of all judicial institutions.

“The United States has long supported Bosnia and Herzegovina’s path to its Euro-Atlantic future. The success of every society is the rule of law. We are very consistent in providing our assistance to a legal state,” Cormack told reporters in Derventa. 

She noted that more than 20 military property sites had been registered in the Federation of BiH. 

“Even if such property is registered, it remains; it will be used by Armed Forces of BiH, the state, the local community. And when it is registered, it remains territorially in Republika Srpska, it does not leave Republika Srpska,” said the ambassador. 

Cormack added that after the whole military property registration process is over, the majority of those sites will be returned to the citizens and local community to use, because Armed Forces only need a part of the military sites. 


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