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Declaration is essential for survival of Serbs


The New Serb Democracy Party leader, Andrija Mandic, believes that Serbia and Srpska’s declaration of the survival of the Serb people is essential. 

“It is necessary to have such an important national document. The Serbs have to organise themselves and re-evaluate the things they have faced in the last 20 years in order to respond jointly to it,” said Mandic.

He has pointed out that Serbs from Montenegro will actively participate in the drafting of the declaration through suggestions and proposals, so this would be a document of all Serbs.

“We need to gather everything important from the former polycentric nation, which had several gathering centres, because we are endangered as a nation. First of all, I mean the Serbs from Montenegro who are the most vulnerable of all Serbs in the territory of the former Yugoslavia,” Mandic added.

The announced declaration of Serbia and Srpska resulted from the meeting of the representatives of Serbs from the region held on August 4 in Novi Sad. The declaration should define common national action and the minimum national principles for the survival of the Serb nation.

The declaration, with the support of the presidents of Serbia and Republika Srpska, Aleksandar Vucic and Milorad Dodik, should be completed by December 1.

source: SRNA


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