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The delegation of the Ministry of Defence of Namibia visited TRB Company in Bijeljina


The delegation of the Ministry of Defence of Namibia, led by Admiral Peter Vilho, visited yesterday the facilities of the metal company “Tehnicki Remont Bratunac” /TRB/ in Bijeljina, with which it has business cooperation.

The head of the Business Unit Bijeljina, Veljko Ljubinkovic, told reporters that they have been working since August last year in this site, the former Elvaco Company, which is in bankruptcy, and have so far restored a huge part of production and employed 40 former workers.

“Our products are re-exported the world wide, apart from steel constructions for the Namibian market.” We sent some workers for training in Germany for whose market we will be producing containers. We also greatly cooperate with the Alumina Factory and we are renewing cooperation with all previous customers”, emphasized Ljubinkovic.

According to him, the increase in production will increase the admission of workers. This year, 70 to 100 workers could be employed in the TRB production lines in Bijeljina.

This is about the metal workers jobs. The more experienced workers train new ones.

Business partners from Namibia made no statements to journalists in Bijeljina. Their three-member delegation will also visit Bratunac and Banjaluka during their stay in Republika Srpska.




Source: srna


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