Home Business Delhaize sells MAXI to Tropic Group

Delhaize sells MAXI to Tropic Group


Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize has negotiated the sale of 39 MAXI supermarkets in B&H to the Tropic Group B.V. owned by Mirko Risovic from Banja Luka due to the withdrawal from the market in this part of Southeast Europe. The value of these investments is not known.

Apropos, in 2011 Delhaize bought the Serbian Delta Maxi owned by Miroslav Miskovic, and in 2010 Delta Maxi bought the Tropic supermarket chain for 70 million KM. The buyer obliged to maintain the activity and all 700 employees in Banja Luka, Novi Grad, Prijedor, Jajce, Doboj, Bijeljina and Prnjavor.

Marko Risovic then said that the retail brand “Tropic” sold after five years of negotiation, but that the property is still owned by the family Risovic. This now means that the objects sold in 2010 are once again in the hands of Risovic.

 Recently, Delhaize sold 54 supermarkets in Bulgaria, as well as Albania and Montenegro, Patria agency reported.


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