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Derventa: Disinfection Robot Developed


The Company Webo Bosnia of Derventa, in cooperation with the Webo Amtzell Company, developed a UVC disinfection robot for disinfection of space.

Project manager Katarina Ilić has said that the robot consists of a mobile platform and system of UVC lamps which are switched on by way of a mobile application and thus disinfect the space.

“Webo Bosnia” is developing a mobile platform, and ‘Webo Amtzell’ is tasked with the system of lamps. The primary purpose of the mobile platform is not only for disinfection of space but can be developed for other purposes – for transport robots, automated info-systems in banks, supermarkets and for other similar purposes,” Ilić told Srna.

Even though Webo Bosnia is an automotive company, the crisis in this industry and lack of jobs in the construction of tools used to produce parts for automatic gear shifts, and the whole situation with the coronavirus created a new business idea.

Ilić has said that these young engineers successfully overcame the challenge and developed the second prototype of a mobile platform within only two months which enables the mapping of rooms, based on which robots are moving autonomously.

“Complete software for mapping, managing and autonomous movement, and a remote control mobile application were developed,” Ilić said.

She has added that the young team and company are facing many challenges regarding preparations for a serial production which is planned to start at the beginning of December.

“Based on past experiences, we do not doubt that our team will be up to the task and that they will work to optimize and test the functionality of the mobile platform. This means getting multiple certificates from the field of health protection so that it could be used in health care institutions, schools, kindergartens, city administration and all other business premises,” said Ilić.

Stressing that the serial production will be in Republika Srpska, in production halls of the Webo Bosnia Company in Derventa, which will require additional investments in the production line, Ilić expressed the hope that this will create the need for new jobs in production and assembling.


Source: SRNA


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