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Digital Assistant in Serbian Language


Smart homes of the future involve automatic, remote control of the devices in it. Smart sockets, smart New Year’s lighting, are just some of the innovations of the smart home concept, which are also included in our daily lives.

How does a personal digital assistant work?

Mike, what can you do for me? I can play music, videos, tell you the weather, answer your questions, recommend restaurants or recipes, and more. I am also here to remind you of what you have asked for before.

The first digital assistant in Serbian language can control our smart devices, smart TVs, smart lamps and sockets, and is a true encyclopedia of diverse information. We get a voice response to each question, which is most appropriate for children, the elderly and infirm. Remember our habits and what we choose most.

“Favorite song or favorite music, favorite clip on YouTube, he’ll find it all. Therefore, when he says set the temperature in the living room, he will know what that temperature is, what is your favorite temperature for the living room, ” said Marko Stanojković of Vip Mobile.

Smart sockets can be remotely controlled by a smartphone, so you can turn on the heat or the oven on your way home for a warm lunch. Even holiday decorative lighting has its smart version.

“With your smartphone you can control 150 bulbs in 16 million colors. This means that each of these lamps, ie each lamp can illuminate differently. They respond to sound, they have their own microphone so that they can actually produce a light show effect, ” said Milica Marković, of Vip Mobile.

The European smart home market is growing 16.5 percent annually, and will be worth $ 15.3 billion next year.

Smart Hom technologies are first introduced by citizens to control lighting and multimedia devices, and then to alarms, sensors, air conditioning and shutters. The biggest advantages of Smart Hom technology, in addition to convenience, are: energy savings and greater security.


Source: RTS


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