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Dijana Kocić: People in Tanzania support each other much more. I don’t see that in Serbia


Diana is a brand manager, travel blogger and half marathoner who, through travel experiences and stories shows how amazing is the planet we live on. She quit the company she worked for and went to Tanzania to volunteer.

„Those kids in Tanzania are so full of love, warmth, joy. I couldn’t resist them. I deeply believe that every person has some phenomenal potential and my mission is to support people in their realization. Providing school equipment and refurbishing the classroom was just a way for me to support the little geniuses to give  this world something they needed. They may have some  new Tesla, Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce. Their capacity is yet to be discovered and my contribution has been to give them what they need,“ Dijana said.

Also, she told to us that people in Tanzania accept their life as it is and live it to the best of their ability with current resources. And when something bad happens, the first reaction is to turn it to a joke and smile. Their mantra is: Hakuna Matata. No problem. And Pole, Pole. Easy, easy. “They spend much more quality time with family and friends. They show more solidarity and provide stronger support for each other. This is what I do not see in Serbia..“ she concluded.



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