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Dirty Pastry and Poisonous Alcohol Returned From the Border


Poor-quality meat products, unclean bakery products, and dangerous alcoholic beverages are just some of the products that, thanks to Republican inspectors, did not end up last year on the tables of Serbian citizens.

Last year, the Republic Food Inspectorate controlled 48,537 consignments of food in foreign trade during import and completed 2,338 samples at the check.

The RS Inspectorate confirmed that the inspectors’ particular attention is focused on products that have identified some irregularities in previous controls, which are specific to individual seasons, and for those products for which there are certain risks in the countries of the region or are irregularities identified.

– Based on the results, the import of 31 consignments of food was banned and ordered to be destroyed or returned to the supplier due to microbiological or chemical defects, inadequate quality, incomplete or inadequate declaration – said the Inspectorate.

Irregularities were found in confectionery products due to microbiological defects, as well as alcoholic beverages which had increased methanol content, but also meat products due to reduced quality, as well as salt, flour and bakery products due to the presence of impurities.

– Shipments that were banned from import were mostly from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Italy, Austria and the Netherlands – the Inspectorate said.

In addition, in 2019, the RS phytosanitary inspection in foreign trade during the import of fruits and vegetables also checked 25,446 shipments, of which 1,681 samples were completed in the analysis.

– A ban on imports was ordered for ten consignments of food of plant origin because the increased presence of pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins was found, including mandarins from Turkey, strawberries from Greece, sunflower seeds and cucumbers from Serbia, and nuts from Romania – they said in the Inspectorate.




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