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Discoordinated adoption of Coordination mechanism


BiH Council of Ministers shocked the public in the state when, this week the Official Gazette of BiH published “Coordination mechanism”, as one of the conditions for credible application of BiH for full membership in the EU. This Mechanism was the object of negotiations between the Council of Ministers and entities governments and, as prime ministers said just few days ago, they were on one step away from success.

But, suddenly, the text of the adopted Mechanism appeared in the Gazette. The Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers, Denis Zvizdic, told the media on Wednesday that establishment of this body is one of the three conditions for improvements of credible application and, as he said, there is a full agreement between all political factors in the state. Zvizdić stressed that the obstacles on the road to EU are overcome and that BiH is on its path towards European integration. All these, Zvizdic said, were stated in the report of the European Commission for BiH, which is the best so far. BiH Council of Ministers Chairman said that the Coordination mechanism was not a secret in BiH, but the fact is that nobody knew of its adoption until it was published in the Gazette.

He stressed that the Mechanism was adopted at the session of January 26, which was dedicated to preparations of application for EU membership, and there has been allowed time to others levels of government to meet on the text of a coordination mechanism.

“The text was published in the Official Gazette is based on three key principles, with the first being respect of the constitutional structure and the constitution defined responsibilities of all levels of government. The second principle is the principle of efficiency of the mechanism and responsibilities of all levels of government and third is the principle of compliance of mechanism to provisions of the SAA and the decisions adopted at the first meetings of the joint bodies of the Council and of the Stabilisation and Association Council, Zvizdic said at a press conference in Sarajevo.

RS PM, Zeljka Cvijanovic, told the media that the decision for the Coordination mechanism was not agreed with RS Government.

“It is unacceptable that the chairman of the Council of Ministers Zvizdic says the text of the Decision on the system of coordination, adopted by the Council of Ministers, was sent to the entity governments for information. His task was not to inform the entity governments about the adopted text, but to involve entity governments in the talks about the text in order to agree on it and be sent be adoption to all levels of government”, Cvijanovic said.

She added that she believe that the Chairman of the Council of Ministers misused the recent meeting in Banja Luka. On that meeting it was agreed that the Office of the Chairman send a draft version of the decision on the Coordination mechanism. Cvijanovic said that the RS Government was supposed to make comments on the text.

“Apparently, he then hid from the participants of the meeting that the Council of Ministers had already adopted a decision”, Cvijanovic stressed.

The publishing in the Official Gazette BiH was also a surprise for NGOs, which are monitoring the BiH path to EU and improvements on this path. Tijana Cvjeticanin, member of the Initiative for monitoring of EU integrations, said to the media that this is just another case of hidden adoption of documents linked with EU integrations. She admitted however, that this is the most radical example because nobody knew that the Council of Ministers held the session to discuss and adopt such an important document.

“The coordination mechanism is one of the biggest issues and the public had to know or be involved in its creation. Since that was not the case, an adoption in this way is to be condemned”, said Cvjeticanin.

She stressed that the publishing in the Official Gazette BiH means that the Coordination mechanism is in effect and if the Parliament want to change it or suggest a better solutions, this document must be withdrawn and then adopted again, which is unacceptable for such an important document.

The adoption and enforcement of the Coordination mechanism in such a manner will not make the life of citizens better or easier, but it will cause new sparks between entities and constitutional nations in BiH.

Mladen Dragojlovic

Source: Independent Balkan News Agency


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