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Displacement Housing Project Completed by 2022


The project is a joint initiative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, and a coordinating initiative between the four governments was taken over by BiH.

All remaining refugees without permanent housing solutions residing in the countries of the region who have submitted requests for voluntary return to BiH are included in the project. In BiH alone, in addition to refugees, a number of displaced persons and the most vulnerable groups are included. Thus, over 5 thousand families, or 14 thousand people, will receive housing solutions.

The project is being implemented with the assistance of the European Union and donor countries and Bosnia and Herzegovina have been granted 75 million euros for implementation.

Housing solutions in BiH include:

– housing insurance in multi-family buildings (social housing);

– reconstruction of pre-war houses and apartments;

– providing housing assistance;

– Accommodation in social care institutions.

The beneficiaries of this project are:

– 2,400 households or 7,300 persons classified as vulnerable, displaced persons outside collective centers in BiH;

– 250 refugee households or 800 persons residing in collective centers or other forms of collective housing;

-350 vulnerable refugee households or 900 persons without permanent housing solutions in BiH, including earlier occupancy right holders

– 2,400 households or 5,000 persons identified as vulnerable returnees in BiH, refugees without a permanent solution in the host country in the region.

This is the latest effort by the International Community to address the issue of displaced persons and refugees as a result of the war in BiH.

The deadline for this project is June 2020.




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