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Distributors will not change fuel prices in Srpska


Distributors of oil and oil derivatives in the Republic of Srpska will not change fuel prices after the repeal of the decree on determining the margin for forming the prices of oil derivatives in Srpska, said the Secretary of the Group for Trade in Oil and Petroleum Products in the Chamber of Commerce Zoran Berak.

He says that at the moment, their margin is much lower than allowed.

– It is important not to mention that the margin with which distributors of oil and oil derivatives operate in Srpska is the smallest part that citizens pay in each liter of fuel sold, which does not support some claims that their margin is 30 to 40 pfennigs per liter of fuel – he said Berak.

He stated that the levies consisting of excise of 0.30 KM, road tax of 0.15 KM, highway tax of 0.25 KM, and VAT, which are contained in each liter of fuel, are still at the same level of over brands.

Yesterday, the Government of the Republic of Srpska passed a decision on the termination of the validity of the decree from April, by which the margin for oil derivatives traders was limited to six pfennigs per liter in wholesale and 25 pfennigs in retail in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic.




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