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Djokic: Possible To Make Profit In Srpska


 Industry Minister Petar Djokic says that Republika Srpska offers various incentives and that it is a place where businessmen have an opportunity to make profit which they may manage without obstacles and achieve good business results.
Djokic told reporters in Banjaluka on Monday that Czech companies had shared positive experiences in doing business with Srpska companies and noted that the Government and the competent ministry would support joint projects between the Czech and Srpska businessmen.

Djokic mentioned the commissioning of the pellet factory BHS Power in Bratunac, the plant worth around BAM6 million, as a positive example of the cooperation. He hopes the factory will soon be officially opened.

“We are willing to boost the activities on a major project in the area of Foca. It concerns the construction of a plant for biomass production, co-generation plants that will generate electricity and help resolve major utility issues in Foca,” said the minister.

Republika Srpska is prepared to be an implementing agency and participate in the programmes of regional cooperation, especially the cooperation between the Czech Republic and Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, said Djokic.

Pero Coric, head of the Department Of Branch Associations of the Srpska Chamber of Commerce, has said that the volume of trade between the Czech Republic and Srpska stands at a low level and that it was around BAM21 million in the first quarter of 2016.

“Around BAM8.5 million was made in exports and BAM12.5 million in imports. This is another reason why meetings between the Czech and Srpska businessmen should be used to improve the cooperation,” said Coric.

Martin Pospisil, head of the Foreign Economic Policy Department of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, has said that there are several areas in which the Czech and Srpska businessmen could cooperate, primarily in the field of energy.

Pospisil pointed out that Czech companies were interested in the Balkan markets very much and that the idea was supported by the government.

The Monday meeting in Banjaluka was attended by around 20 businessmen from the Czech Republic and around 15 from Republika Srpska.

Source: SRNA


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