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Djokic: Srpska is a reliable partner to investors


Banjaluka, November 5  – The Republika Srpska Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Petar Djokic, said that Republika Srpska successfully presented its potentials at a business forum in Germany and demonstrated prospects for new investments of interest to both sides.
As a member of the Republika Srpska delegation at a business forum titled “Days of the Republika Srpska Economy,” which is today being held in Stuttgart, Djokic said that Srpska needs investments and that the Government is ready to support their development.

“We proved to be reliable partners to all investors and our ability to meet all assumed obligations,” Djokic said in a telephone statement for SRNA from Stuttgart.

He said that the Republika Srpska delegation in Stuttgart had an opportunity to speak with German businessmen and representatives of the Baden-Wurttemberg institutions about more concrete models of cooperation.

“I must say that German businessmen have been interested in a more concrete cooperation. I am particularly gladdened by the interest of our people who have been successfully developing their businesses in Germany for many years and who want to transfer some of their businesses to Republika Srpska,” Djokic said.

He added that he recently spoke with representatives of the Falstaff Company about some interesting ideas for investing and that German partner Paul Bernhard is already successfully realising his business plans as part of a new joint company, MOFAS, in Istocno Sarajevo.

Djokic said that the German Company, Bader, is producing metal constructions in Samac and that the German capital is present in the Sumaplast Company in Bijeljina, which is producing aluminium and pvc joinery.

“I am convinced that a delegation of Republika Srpska businessmen, which is here, will arrive at concrete forms of cooperation in direct contacts,” Djokic said.

Djokic said that German businessmen are very interested in energy, primarily in energy production from renewable sources.

According to him, Republika Srpska fully regulated this field by necessary laws and by establishing an incentive system which has been functioning since 2012.

“The fact that the law on renewable energy sources and efficient cogeneration, and the law on concessions do not require a procedure for allocation of concession for small power plants up to 250 kW hours is interesting to investors,” Djokic said.

He believes that this conference will be a new stimulus to German businessmen to invest in Republika Srpska, that is, BiH.

The Republika Srpska delegation which is taking part in the business forum in Stuttgart is headed by Republika Srpska Deputy Prime Minister Srebrenka Golic. In addition to Minister Djokic, the delegation includes the Minister for Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation, Zlatan Klokic, the director of the Republika Srpska Electric Power Company, Branislava Milekic, the president of the Republika Srpska Chamber of Commerce, Borko Djuric, the director of the Republika Srpska Chamber of Commerce, Dragica Ristic, and representatives of the Republika Srpska business community.

The aim of the business forum, which was organised by the Republika Srpska Representative Office in Stuttgart, is to present Republika Srpska’s business potentials and to establish contacts between businessmen from Srpska and the German Baden-Wurttemberg Province.

Source: SRNA


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