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Djokovic could not stop the tears: Boriša is Serbia’s hero; Avramović: Glory to God


The Serbian men’s national 3×3 basketball team players who won the gold at the FIBA Europe Cup in Jerusalem, as well as Novak Djokovic, who won the US Open and the 24th Grand Slam title in his career, were with basketball players, who won silver medal at World Cup, at the magnificent welcome.

The Serbia men’s national 3×3 basketball team won the gold medal at the FIBA Europe Cup in Jerusalem by beating Lithuania 22-20 in the final on September 8. Serbia won their fifth consecutive European title. The Serbia team in Jerusalem was comprised of Stefan Kojic, Marko Brankovic, Nemanja Barac and Strahinja Stojacic, who scored the winning two-pointer in the final and was named MVP of the tournament.

You can see for yourself how magnificent the welcome for the players was:



”The most emotional welcome… I experienced something like this for the first time because I was with my family, friends and colleagues and, of course, the emotions worked. I will probably never experience something like this. I was on stage with champions of other sports whom I admire, respect and support and share the stage with them, so I will remember this for the rest of my life and the song of the Belgrade Syndicate that they dedicated to me, that moment deeply touched and moved me. I don’t know, one of the most beautiful moments in my life. We are a nation that never surrenders and never gives up. A few years ago, I heard that Belgrade was demolished 47 or 49 times, and it was always rebuilt. You can feel that spirit with these young people who are here tonight, and you can feel their pride, their connection with the players… The greatest ambassadors of this country are athletes, and it is an incredible privilege for us to be able to represent Serbia wherever we are. Thank you, people, for your love, faith and will, glory to God”, Djokovic said during the welcome ceremony.

”What can I tell you… When we were World Champions back in 2002, I really thought at one point that I would never be able to experience something like that and then I thought so, and now this magnificent welcome is here. Thank you to the boys and girls who came here because I did not expect such a large number of people and I must say that there in Manila we had many of our fans and at the same time felt the support and trust, expectations, of the people and our fans and I am so proud of my players and to all these young men and women who came to acknowledge us, and I also acknowledge them. First of all, I am proud of the fact that they simply done it, in the sense of being the best and giving beyond the maximum because it was a difficult championship, hard and a fantastic organization and host and everything was a real World Championship in terms of quality and organization and our participation. Serbian basketball is presented in the best way. I have to say that everyone welcomed us with serious respect and we played fantastic basketball and we went through a process that we enjoyed. Our main goal was the Olympic Games, because we did not play in Japan and the generation would like to achieve that because we have enough time to make a good analysis and the OI in Paris, in Europe, so we will use the best we can during that time and try to represent Serbia and these young men and women who support us with all their hearts, so let’s repay them for that trust”, Svetislav Pesic said.


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