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Do You Know Benefits which Botanical Garden “Vrucica” offers?


Banja Luka is a city known for its beauty, the promenade Šehitluci, Gospodska Street and beautiful women. Its alleys are breathtaking and architectural goods such as the Kastel Fortress testify to the centuries that this city bears within.

However, what this city seems to be running away from in past several years especially is the Vrbas River. With the arrival of new inhabitants and the so-called urbanization, the city of Banja Luka appears to be slowly forgetting its cradle and the place where it emerged – in the upper part of the city known as Gornji Šeher. At this place is the beach Vrućica with hot spas. It seems that a large number of people of Banja Luka have never even heard of the hot spas that are some kind of a treasure of this city. The water in those spas is curative and reaches up to 36 degrees in temperature, so the people can visit the spas even during the winter.

For a certain period of time, this place has been deserted. However, the enthusiasm of the president of the Association Eko-kultura, Dragoslav Kantar, who has the spirit, positive energy and good ideas, contributed to the present beautiful and clean appearance of Vrućica.

Dragoslav decided to get to work in order to bring the spas on the beach Vrućica their old glory back. Banja Direklija, the oldest Roman spa at the territory of Banja Luka, was demolished and had to be reconstructed.

Dragoslav has been working on cleaning that area day by day. While working, he even found a new source of hot water which created the spa that he symbolically named Luka. This spa is right next to the Vrbas River in an open space under a huge rock which gives it an attractive look. This spa is used the most during the summer, when the water level decreases.

In the meantime, the Agency for preservation of national monuments of BiH declared these spas a national monument in 2004. Around that time, Dragoslav Kantar established the citizens’ association Eko-kultura, in order to raise his work to a higher level.

The Agency for preservation of national monuments of BiH tasked the entity government to provide all legal, administrative, technical and economic measures in order to put this area into operation.

The Association Eko-kultura provided a solution of the regulatory plan at the site of Vrućica, in which it was proposed that the entire area is treated as a botanical garden with its cultural and tourist amenities.

Due to these rich curative water springs of the oasis of health and beauty in Vrućica, Dragoslav has an idea of organizing various seminars where people will have an opportunity to learn about healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle.


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