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Doboj, a city on three rivers worth visiting


They say, wherever you go, you have to go through Doboj.

It may be somewhat true, but even if the road does not take you through this part of the Republic of Srpska, it is worth visiting, as they call it “a city on three rivers”.

There is no passer-by through Doboj who does not want to climb the walls of the fortress. Doboj’s Gradina has always been a feature of the city, a beauty that offers a view of the whole of Doboj. Those who take care of her have big plans.

– The plans are to have certain facilities, to have a restaurant, a coffee bar that would employ our citizens, to combine the pleasant with the useful – said Adrijana Ristić, director of the Tourist Organization of Doboj.

Doboj offers other facilities, and tourist workers highlight the beautiful city park and hotel in the heart of the city. The city pools, Goransko Lake and Lake Rudanka, also attract the attention of travelers and tourists. However, lately, the emphasis is on the so-called active vacation, which is a challenge for guests looking for adrenaline.

– Whoever wants a little adrenaline, we can enable him to either fly a paraglider, or go to the caves, hike, ride a bike – said Peto Tubić from the Paragliding base Paragost.

Rest and stay in nature certainly go with a good meal, and on Ozren they make special efforts and insist on home-made food. They also insist on good home-made food in the attractive ethno village Kotromanićevo and the “Fisherman’s Story” complex, located between Doboj and Derventa. Doboj especially comes to life in the summer, with the champion’s handball TV tournament leading the way, which is held every August. It attracts not only fans of this sport, but also many other guests.

– Doboj from year to year, to our great joy, records a steady increase in the number of visits and overnight stays – added Ristić.

In recent times, with the construction of highways, the geographical position of Doboj has become even more important. Therefore, if you are passing through Doboj, stop for a moment, and enjoy some of the facilities offered here.




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