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Doboj Attracts Turkish Businessmen


Building a highway network through BiH could attract Turkish businessmen in Doboj who are interested in investing in this city, said Boris Jerinić, mayor of Doboj, after Haldun Koch, Turkey’s ambassador to BiH, arrived for his first official visit yesterday.

The highway from Sarajevo to Belgrade, and from Doboj, via Brčko, Bijeljina to Belgrade, gives a development chance to Doboj, believes Doboj’s first man, and promises that the local administration will be ready for investors to come.

“The city of Doboj brings them closer to Western Europe with its geographical location, which is certainly the most interesting for their businessmen. His Excellency said that he would talk and offer cooperation with the city of Doboj, which makes me happy. I am sure we will be ready to welcome them ” said Jerinić.

He added that Turkish bankers could find their place in the local market in the near future.

“The banking sector, which is present both in the region and in BiH, is considering expanding its network to the Republic of Srpska. Apart from Banja Luka, which already has a Ziraat bank, the next two locations are Doboj and Bijeljina, which makes me happy. The City of Doboj is just behind Banja Luka in the opportunity to offer the citizens the services and competitiveness of Ziraat Bank ” says Jerinić.

The construction of the Majlis of the Islamic Community in Doboj was another topic discussed by Jerinić and Koch, as the Turkish Embassy and the Turkish Development Agency financially supported the work on the facility.

Jerinić recalled that after the catastrophic floods in May 2014, Turkey assisted with the work of National Cuisine.

After the meeting, Ambassador Haldun Koch, among others, was Miloš Bukejlović the Vice President of the City Assembly, and Dijana Kalenić, Head of the European Integration and Local Economic Development Department, did not address the media.


Source: Nezavisne novine


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