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Doboj Got Its New Promo Video


The city of Doboj introduced a new promotional video, entitled “A Place that Makes Memories”, produced by “Little Mouse Studio”.

In just under 80 seconds, the numerous beauties and potentials of Doboj are presented, as well as some of the content that tourists should visit in this city.

Doboj is a traffic interjunction and a key city on the rivers Bosna, Usora and Spreča. It is one of those cities where you can find a mosque, a synagogue, and a Catholic and Orthodox church in a few meters apart.

On Mount Ozren, near Doboj, there are several monasteries dating from the 13th century, as well as a small, natural Orlovo Lake.

Before the war, Doboj was the most important railway junction in the former Yugoslavia, and today it is possible to reach Zagreb, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Budapest and Sarajevo by train.



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