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Doboj Mayor and high-ranking SDS official Obren Petrovic: Dodik’s and Cvijanovic’s victory is reality


Doboj Mayor and high-ranking SDS official Obren Petrovic congratulated today the future Serbian member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, and future Republika Srpska president Zeljka Cvijanovic on their victory in the general elections.

Petrovic has told SRNA that he personally congratulated Dodik and Cvijanovic by phone on their convincing victory.

“They achieved a convincing victory and this is a reality. This is why we should congratulate them on their success and trust placed in them by voters since it is the result of their work for a better Srpska,” Petrovic has said.

He has said that he, as the mayor and a future member of the BiH Parliament, supports President Dodik’s initiative for unity and joint actions, since, he says, he also received a great number of votes and voters placed their trust in him for his work with Republika Srpska institutions, cooperation with the Government and unified actions by Republika Srpska at the level of BiH.

Petrovic has said that during today’s telephone conversation, President Dodik accepted to meet with an SDS delegation. “I am very glad that President Dodik accepted our initiative for a meeting in order to discuss subjects that will be to the benefit of Republika Srpska, the Serbian people and BiH. It is in our interest to act jointly at the level of BiH in order to protect the interests of Republika Srpska and preserve its institutions,” Petrovic has said.

He reiterated that he supports the work of President Dodik and Prime Minister Cvijanovic and once again congratulated them on their success, which, he says, is the result of their work and politics they conducted in the past four years with the aim of developing Srpska and preserving its institutions.

Petrovic has said that future members of the Republika Srpska Parliament and the BiH Parliament from Doboj will support Dodik and Cvijanovic in their desire for unity and harmony both in Banjaluka and Sarajevo with the aim of strengthening Republika Srpska and its institutions.

Asked to comment on the opposition’s request for manual counting of votes, Petrovic says that this is utterly unnecessary since the situation in crystally clear and the request only unnecessarily complicates the situation, while not changing anything.

“Dodik and Cvijanovic achieved a convincing victory. This is about a victory by a huge margin which is unattainable. The CEC manually counted ballots only when smaller difference in results was in question. Having in mind that this is about a victory by a huge margin, this is a reality which must be accepted. Victors should be congratulated and we should continue building Republika Srpska and BiH together,” Petrovic has concluded.

He has said that we should not complicate the situation and involve the IC.

“Instead of attracting foreigners by unity and harmony and instead of jointly seeking support for new projects for building Republika Srpska and BiH, they are only unnecessarily complicating the situation. The victory is more than convincing and it is only fair to congratulate the victors and admit the defeat,” Petrovic has said.


Source: srna


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