Home Experience Republika Srpska Dobor – a tourist attraction and symbol of Modriča (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Dobor – a tourist attraction and symbol of Modriča (PHOTO/VIDEO)


The Old Town Dobor with its Dobor Towers represents the tourist attraction and the symbol of Modriča.

This medieval city was erected along the left bank of the river Bosna, about four kilometers upstream from Modriča.

Dobor was built in the 14th century, and since 2005, it has the status of a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The fortified city was built by Ban Ivaniš Horvat between 1387 and 1388 in the form of a fortress with two towers. Due to its strategic position through history, he was repeatedly exposed to conquests and devastation.

Seven archaeological layers from the metal age were discovered on the site of Dobor.

The city is an example of a well-preserved architecture of the late Middle Ages. The Dobra core consists of two towers, which close the smaller proctor. Most of the preserved architecture dates back to the 15th century, and at that time the area of the city was expanded on the eastern side.

One tower was built during the use of cannons and has a shape of an irregular roller, 20 meters high, and the other tower has a characteristic shape of the reversed Latin letter “D” and the height of 19.5 meters.


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