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Documentary movie “War Stories from Paštrik” (VIDEO/FOTO)


The film “War Stories from Paštrik” by Slađana Zarić, produced in the co-production of Radio Television of Serbia and the Ministry of Defense – Military Film Center “Zastava Film”, is a straight forward testimony to the heroic fight of our armed forces members in the defense of the homeland in 1999.

(Slađana Zarić)

The battle of Paštrik lasted from 26th May to 14th June. On Paštrik, the Yugoslav Armed Forces defended the territory of the FRY from land offensive tried from the Republic of Albania towards Kosovo and Metohija by KLA terrorists in collaboration with regular units of the Armed Forces of Albania, assisted by intensive bombardment by NATO Aviation. The aim of the battle, just like on Košare, was unification of KLA forces from Albania with KLA forces located in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija.

The Yugoslav Armed Forces remained undefeated in the battle of Paštrik and they inflicted heavy losses on the enemy. The withdrawal started only after the Military Technical Agreement in Kumanovo had been signed. Twenty six members of the Yugoslav Armed Forces died in the battles of Paštrik, while the enemy losses were 20 times greater.

When it became clear that the offensive on Košare yielded no results and that they could not break through the defense of the Yugoslav Army in that region, the attack of the terrorists on the mountain of Paštrik began. The goal was identical to that at Košare – tomerge KLA forces from Albania with the KLA forces from the territory of Kosovo and Metohija.

Documentary-feature film “War Stories from Paštrik” was based on authentic archival footage and more than 30 testimonies. The featured scenes in the film represent the reconstruction of events based on the memory of officers, soldiers, reservists and volunteers, members of 549 Motorized Brigade, who participated in the battle.


Source: mod.gov.rs


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