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Dodik ahead of Tadic by almost 11,000 votes


On the basis of 85.47% of counted ballots, the candidate of the SNSD-DNS-SP for Republika Srpska president, Milorad Dodik, is ahead of his opponents and he received 264,051 votes /47.10%,/ said the BiH Central Electoral Commission /CIK/ at a press conference held today, citing unofficial early results.

The Commission says that this information is on the basis of 592,709 counted ballots from 1,917 of a total of 2,243 polling stations.

The candidate of the Alliance for Change, Ognjen Tadic, is in the second place with 253,211 votes /45.16%/.

Ramiz Salkic of the Homeland Coalition received 15,552 votes, Dragomir Jovicic of the Party of Just Politics received 6,525 votes, Sejfudin Tokic of the A-SDA received 5,738 votes, Enes Suljkanovic of the SDP BiH received 3,967 votes and Emil Vlajki of the Party of Economic and Social Justice received 2,846 votes.

Other candidates received less than 2,000 votes.

There were a total of 32,058 invalid ballots.


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