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Dodik and Vučić on January 29 in Drvar


A meeting of Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić was held today in Belgrade.

The meeting between Dodik and Vučić was held in the General Secretariat of the President of Serbia.

Vučić said after the meeting that he had a good conversation with Dodik today and that this meeting is also part of regular consultations. He stated that several topics were discussed.

The President of Serbia emphasized that he will come to Drvar on January 29, where the “Jumko” factory will be opened.

– On January 29, I will be a Milorad Dodik guest in Drvar – said Vučić.

He emphasized that it was concluded that the need of the Serb people, wherever he lived, was to preserve peace and political stability in the Balkans and that he and Dodik had agreed to do everything possible to preserve it.

Vučić said that they also discussed cooperation between Serbia and BiH.

Dodik said good cooperation with Serbia was confirmed today.

– There are certain problems regarding the border between Serbia and BiH, and we Serbs are in favor of finally resolving this issue – Dodik said.

He said that Drvar was also discussed, expressing his gratitude to Vučić for his support to the municipality and for helping Srpska in general.


Source: RTRS


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