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Dodik: BiH is loaded with its problems


The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has stated that BiH is loaded with its problems, ie its failure to function and that neither foreigners nor the West will not understand that, with the way of life which they “impose”, no one is satisfied here – neither Serbs, nor Croats, nor Bosniaks.

Dodik has stated that Bosniaks would like that Republika Srpska does not exist, no constituent peoples, they want to live in some civic country, and to have a one-man-one-vote system.

“We would like, which is our original aspiration since the formation of the Republika Srpska – on January 9, 1992, to form an independent state, and the Croats are not satisfied with their situation”, Dodik reminded.

Dodik has stated that the international community, led by “criminal High Representative”, is even more dissatisfied because it failed to realize its plans, which go in the direction of destroying the Republika Srpska, reducing its strength, and weakening its identity.

He has pointed out that people in BiH have been taught that someone from that big world “gives a lecture”.

“They are successful only as much as we allow them. We are trying to build our own here, we do not want to harm anyone, for us all people who accept Republika Srpska are welcome. We want to work peacefully and with dignity, we do not stop anything”, Dodik said.


Source: SRNA


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