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Dodik: Bosnia and Herzegovina should access Open Balkans initiative


The President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik has said today at the ceremonial opening of the “Jahorina Economic Forum” that Bosnia and Herzegovina should join the “Open Balkans” initiative.

Dodik said that the “Open Balkans” had been talked about for a long time, and that the benefits could be seen from the example of the countries that were already in this initiative.

“The term “Open Balkans” is because it has been closed for a long time and that is why it should be opened,” said Dodik and reminded that he supported this idea when he was a member of the BiH Presidency.

Dodik has stressed that the business community in both Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ believes that this should be accepted.

“That’s how business people from the FBiH and all the institutions in Republika Srpska responded. I can only guess at the political decisions about why it can’t be done,” said Dodik and noted that those decisions led to the existence of some hidden intentions.

When you analyze, he stated, you see that it is a group of multi-ethnic character and if we started counting, you would see that it is a quality structure in every possible way.

Dodik said that it was good that the “Open Balkans” was being talked about in Jahorina, at the forum, because, as he said, that was not possible in Sarajevo.

He said that this economic forum was coming to an attention and that the intention was to raise it to an even higher level.

Today, the first day of the Forum, a discussion is planned in nine panels, while tomorrow, on the second day, the participants will lead a discussion in another eight panels.

Regional topics such as the “Open Balkans”, economic cooperation, energy transition, agriculture and digital transformation, as well as strengthening the competitiveness of local communities and the local economy will be represented at the Forum, the organizers announced.

“Jahorina Economic Forum” is held under the joint sponsorship of the President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik, Serb member and Chairperson of the BiH Presidency Željka Cvijanović, the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations and the “Economic Forum” Association.

Source: srna.rs


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