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Dodik: Constitutional Court – Occupation Court for Republic of Srpska


Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik said the BiH Constitutional Court is an occupation court for the Republic of Srpska, which continually makes bad decisions aimed at reducing and depriving Srpska of its rights.

Dodik told RTS that the aim of the Constitutional Court’s decision on agricultural land in BiH was to seize the Republic of Srpska’s property.

– This is not about whether something is constitutional or not, but about the abduction of land to which BiH is not entitled under the Constitution. The Dayton Agreement does not give the assets to BiH, but to the entities. They want to impose on us the story of privatization, to take in even the forests – he said.

Dodik recalled that high officials violated the Dayton Agreement in order to centralize BiH and that the same is done by the Constitutional Court, in which three foreign judges have a majority with two Bosniaks.

Speaking to a meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, announced on Saturday, Dodik said he would convey to Vucic that Serbs had been attacked in all countries in the region. He recalled developments in Montenegro and the position of Serbs in Croatia.

“I will ask Vučić to understand the situation,” Dodik said.




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