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Dodik-Čović: Our Cooperation Is Not an Alliance Against Someone or Something


A meeting of delegations of HDZ BiH and SNSD was held in Mostar today, and after the meeting, party leaders Dragan Čović and Milorad Dodik addressed.

Dodik expressed satisfaction with going to Mostar, saying it was important to maintain continuity of talks on important topics.

He pointed out that the SNSD and HDZ did well in the local elections, and when it comes to Mostar, he says that these are elections that have caused a lot of attention in Europe and that the SNSD plans to be “visible in the City Council”.

“SNSD has made a joint list with other factors of the Serbian people, we will talk with our partners about a joint performance,” said Dodik, who will meet with the candidates on the list “Stay here – Together for our Mostar and citizens of Serbian nationality” after the meeting with Čović.

Dodik said that “the High Representative did more harm in BiH”, and that there was some benefit from that institution in the beginning.

“Later, they made a surrogate. What we stick to is that only BiH can be built on the equality of three peoples, two entities, until maybe a third is resolved. The constituent peoples must be,” said Dodik.

He also points out that a large number of activities that SNSD and HDZ jointly conduct at different levels of government, and Dodik says that it is successful cooperation.

“HDZ and SNSD have had successful cooperation for many years, a high degree of understanding. There are rumors that it is an alliance against something, someone, but that is not true,” said Dodik.

Covic said that the topic of conversation today was not only local elections but also other important issues in BiH and the Council of Ministers, considering that Vjekoslav Bevanda, State Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Council Zoran Tegeltija were also present.

“Topics are in the interest of us in BiH, it is a question of our European path,” Čović said.

“I introduced Dodik to what we are doing, we briefly went through the election results and what we will do,” Čović said.

He said that other issues were also discussed.

“We also discussed other issues that are important when it comes to the work of the Council of Ministers. A clear position that we should have a budget by the end of the year. The topics we open are a clear sign of our interest in BiH and the continuation of the European path,” Čović said.

He added to Dodik’s statements on the need to “abolish the Office of the High Representative”.

“HDZ has been saying for a long time that it is time to transform the Office of the High Representative. The sooner this happens, the better for everyone. The ideal scenario would be to get the Election Law in the next six months, candidate status in the seventh month, and talks on transforming the Office of the High Representative. “This is what we expect, and what will happen when it partly depends on us,” he said.




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