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Dodik: Dayton Peace Agreement Promotes New Political System


Serb BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik stated in Banjaluka that the Dayton Peace Agreement promoted a new political system in BiH and established peace.

The Dayton Peace Agreement was significantly ruined by the high representatives’ interventions. “No one here is satisfied, thus having a high representative and international judges in the BiH Constitutional Court for 25 years since the signing of the Agreement is unsustainable,” Dodik told the press.

Commenting on the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Dayton Accords, he points out that Republika Srpska marks the signing of the Agreement, unlike the Bosniaks.

“It is a holiday for us because we believe that peace should be celebrated, which has never been done in the second part of BiH. I have a proposal for a statement in the Presidency of BiH – it should be emphasized that peace was established after the formation of a new political system which treats BiH as a country composed of two entities and three constituent peoples and that a tragic conflict was ongoing in BiH, not the aggression or something like that. We will see if we agree, while my approach is to use the wording of the Dayton Peace Agreement,” added Dodik.

He emphasizes that he will assume the position of the BiH Presidency chairman as of November 20 and that there are announcements that the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, could visit BiH.

“Sarajevo is trying to impose a spectacular story of laying wreaths somewhere, which is unacceptable. It is Sarajevo’s false theory of being an anti-fascist city in the Second World War. Sarajevo was peaceful all the years of the war. Serbs from this city were killed or taken to the camps and expelled, while the Muslims and Croats lived peacefully,” Dodik said.

He reiterates that BiH can only be a highly decentralized country, composed of two or three entities, and must basically have constituent peoples.

“The story of abstract citizens suitable for Bosniaks is out of the question because they are the alleged majority. They also did a population census to make it have a majority and lied that Serbs killed 300,000 Bosniaks,” Dodik said.

He states that Srpska will soon present a report on Srebrenica which will show that the story about the events in this place was speculation for the needs of the then politicians.

“The world has formed politics here on the basis of the lie that Serbs killed 300,000 Bosniaks and raped 60,000 women. This turned out to be a lie, based on which the Serbs were being punished because they were deprived of their independence, pushed into BiH where they have been trying to separate us for 25 years, which we will never let it happen”, concluded Dodik.


Source: SRNA


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