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Dodik: Economic and social issues to be prioritized


The President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, thanked the German and British governments for their initiative which is supposed to prioritize the resolution of economic, social and other issues and hence accelerate the resolution of other EU related matters in BiH.

During Dodiks meeting in Banjaluka with German and British ambassadors to BiH, Christian Hellbach and Edward Ferguson, the President of Srpska expressed willingness to commit to accepting the obligations in the implementation of those issues as long as they do not encroach on amending the Constitution and transferring the competences, the presidential office said in a press release.

Dodik pointed out that the key goal of the newly-formed government should be to bring Bosnia and Herzegovina into a position from which it will be able to receive the EU candidate status, recalling that Srpska had had an active approach to solving the so-called major two EU-related issues – the Sejdic-Finci implementation and the coordination mechanism – from the very beginning.

German and British ambassadors Hellbach and Ferguson briefed Dodik on the new, joint UK-German initiative on BiH.

The ambassadors clarified it was a new proposal designed to revive BiH’s European perspective and change the pace at which EU-related matters are being tackled.


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