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Dodik: Events in Montenegro Fear Everyone


The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik stated that Montenegro has shown an anti-Serb position, that the events in that country scare everyone, knowing that the ruling regime there is in decline and that it will do everything to keep authorities, even to use repression, which it does towards the Serbian Orthodox Church /SOC/ and the Serb people.

Dodik mentioned that the existence of the state of Montenegro is not disputed, but there is resistance to the fact that Serbs are being mistreated there.

“We have no right to stand outside that. If Đukanović can support Bosniaks in BiH, what is more logical than to support our people and stand by them” Dodik told for Belgrade based daily newspaper “Politika”.

Dodik has stated that Đukanović announced that he will come to Srebrenica, and he was the Prime Minister of Montenegro at that time /during the war/ and “serious logistics for all that”.

According to him, Đukanović is now trying to “sell” himself to Bosniaks, because he chose to persecute Serbs and the Serbian Orthodox Church, and he is forming coalitions with Bosniaks and Albanians, which is his choice, and the choice of the Montenegrin people is how they will develop further.

Dodik assessed that Đukanović showed impatience, because he realized that his project of creating a nation was not going well and was not developing, and that he could not convert Albanians into Montenegrins, but he was trying to do it from Serbs.

He believes that Đukanović’s impatience is reflected in the intention to build a Montenegrin church, as well as that they are wrapping repression in the story of democracy there.

“What kind of democracy, when half of Montenegro opposes the repression of the regime on the streets, and this regime ruthlessly attacked the Serbian national identity, and above all the SOC as the basic form of that identity”, Dodik pointed out.

He reiterated that nowhere in the world it is not possible to build a church by kidnapping from other communities, and he reminded that such a thing was not supported by the Ecumenical Patriarch or anyone else. “Our patriarch said it well, it did not happen even during the Turks, even in communism, churches were not taken away”, said Dodik.


Source: SRNA


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