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Dodik: Glad I didn’t sign an agreement with SDA, Covic is the man I trust


As the after elections bid for parliamentary majority continues, Milorad Dodik, president of the SNSD, said that HDZ leader Dragan Covic is a man “whom [he] trusts,” and that their partnership is “firm.”

On Televizija N1, he said Covic is the “only legitimate representative of the Croat people.”

“Covic is my political partner and colleague for many years. Our partnership is firm, without negative experiences,” the SNSD president stressed.

Earlier Dodik had sought companions in SDA, however after SDA signed an Agreement on program principles with the Alliance for Change (SDS, PDP, and NDP) and DF, expressing willingness to jointly enter the Council of Ministers, Dodik announced that SDA has no place in the Government of Srpska.

To the question of why the SDA is not present in the new Republika Srpska Government, without whose support at one time he would not have become Prime Minister, Dodik responded that he owes “no debt” to that party.

“The SDA put forward unacceptable demands, for example four ministries in RS, to which we said ‘no.’ But someone else said ‘yes.’ We will not promise one thing and do another. SDA’s ambitions cause additional destabilization,” said Dodik.

When it comes to forming the Government, Dodik said that he is speaking to SP leader Petar Djokic and DNS head Marko Pavic on a “partnership basis,” and rejected the notion that one of them could “blackmail” him for positions.

The SNSD president said that the Government of Srpska will be formed by the New Year.

“We will complete the formation of the Srpska Government by the end of the year,” said the SNSD president, concluding that he is “pleased” he did not sign an agreement with the SDA.


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