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Dodik: High Representative Run Over by Time, BiH Must Set Itself Free From Protectorate


Serb BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik has told Srna that the high representative to BiH was run over by time, and as soon as this institution is abolished, BiH will maybe get an opportunity to take over its internal sovereignty which was seized from it by the protector after the singing of the Dayton Peace Accords.

“I know that (Valentin) Inzko does not like that which I am saying, as where on Earth he would get a salary of around EUR 25,000 a month for such idleness and incompetence, plus privileges for an unaccompanied posting. To make matters worse, his salary, which he earns mostly by demonizing Serbs, is registered as an aid to BiH,” Dodik said.

The Serb member of the Presidency has told Srna that the abolishing of the Office of the High Representative /OHR/ and the departure of foreign judges are prerequisites for BiH to try to establish itself as a sovereign state.

“As long as they are here, we, legally elected representatives, will be blamed for failures, and foreigners, such as Inzko, will be credited with success. Bosniaks should have understood by now that the high representative is doing them a disservice as Inzko or whoever is holding the office will leave, and they will have to agree on coexistence with Serbs and Croats. Everything else is an illusion they will face sooner or later,” he said.

He has said that the EU also will have to take the reality check in BiH, to set it free from the protectorate and to do everything in its power to accelerate the process of accession to the EU by way of its representative in BiH.

“Valentin Inzko is their burden as well, which they pay too much, as had they invested EUR 25,000 a month for 11 years in any sector, and not in his salary, it would be visible. The mandate of the current high representative will be remembered for good only by him, who is richer for several million Euros, on which he did not pay tax, and he stopped the country’s progress in every sense of the word,” concluded the Serb member of the BiH Presidency.


Source: SRNA


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