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Dodik: I am a man of peace


President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, says he is a politician that does not support war, but a man of peace with a clear stance.

“I do not hate Bosniaks, I have Bosniak friends. I do not frighten anybody, I do not support war, I am a man of peace and I have a clear stance. I do not do anything to do evil to people, I’ve tried to help many, in some cases I failed, and that’s my mistake,” noted Dodik.

In an interview with TV N1 on Wednesday evening, Dodik said he was not making the lives of Bosniaks difficult, asserting that Bosniak politicians were doing that.

He also noted that Bosnia and Herzegovina could not survive if it were guarded by the violence of the international community, no matter how people might interpret this, and pointed out that he had never tried to overthrow the State Constitution, and instead opposed the dismantling of the constitutional order.

“I have never challenged the nine rights that Bosnia and Herzegovina acquired through the Dayton Agreement. I have never denied the army that the government before me agreed to integrate. I still believe that was wrong, even our participation was wrong. It happened, but it was in line with the procedure as it was laid down. Everything else was done on the basis of violence, and that I cannot accept,” said Dodik.

When asked why he was reputed as someone who “contradicts” everyone, the Srpska president said that he had always done one thing only – abide by the Constitution and laws.

“The international community mistook Milorad Dodik for someone’s protégé. I came here to defend the interests of the Serb people and of Republika Srpska. The fact that someone misjudged me and now wants to back out is not my problem,” stated Dodik.


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