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Dodik: I am against NATO integration


Serb BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik stressed this evening that he was against the NATO integration, that Srpska’s important commitments were in the BiH’s Reform Program and that he had done nothing to the detriment of Srpska.

“We managed with this document to cut off the continuity of BiH’s commitment to NATO. We returned Srpska to the position of being a factor in decision making and it will be increasingly visible. For the first time, the Serb BiH Presidency member asked for such a debate, contrary to what Mladen Ivanić was like, and no one should doubt that I will raise the issue of vital national interest. Democratic debate in the National Assembly is allowed, but the destruction of property is not,” Dodik said.

He has said that he does not intend to debate with anyone from the PDP and the SDS and that the Reform Program is not the Annual National Plan /ANP/.

“The SDS and the PDP had an opportunity to reject the ANP at the level of BiH, and they only removed it from the agenda. It is clear to people in Srpska that Dodik and his political force cannot do anything detrimental to Srpska. I am against the NATO integration and we don’t have to get involved in integration as we would transfer a part of our sovereignty to the alliance which bombed us. This would amount to a justification for that which they did to us, namely, for the killing of our children,” Dodik said.

He has said that the aim is for Srpska to be the No. 1 factor in BiH and that it is ready for talks, not for obedience.

“In 2014, Republika Srpska was a factor in BiH. With the change of the position in 2014 and the arrival of the SDS and the PDP to power at the level of BiH, this position was lost. With the arrival of the SNSD to power, we will restore this position,” Dodik said.

He has recalled that the PDP and the SDS made changes to the Rules of Procedure of the BiH Parliament, and one of the shameful documents is the BiH’s Foreign Policy Strategy which was supported by Ivanić.

“Changes to the Rules of Procedure mean changes to procedures for the election of commissions. Significant leverage was knocked from our hands and a possibility was created for only one MP to represent Srpska, which must not have happened. The SDS and the PDP ignored the position of the National Assembly and shamefully voted for changes to the Rules of Procedure,” Dodik said.

He noted that with the formation of the Council of Ministers, the position Srpska had before would be restored, and recalled that he offered the PDP and the SDS to take part in the authority at the level of BiH, which they refused.

“I am sorry they could not perceive the current political movements. They could have improved their image, and this way, they will ruin it even more as they will be labeled as traitors,” Dodik said.

He recalled that the BiH Presidency and Parliament, where Srpska has nine members in the House of Representatives and four in the House of Peoples, will have to vote on membership in NATO.

“No decision that is not in the interest of Srpska will pass. We reject any interpretation that this document is the ANP or MAP. I suggest to the National Assembly to take the document the way it is written, namely, that it cannot be used for the integration with NATO,” Dodik said.

He has said the document does not contain issues pertaining to police reform and does not exceed bounds of that which is characteristic of neutral countries.

“The National Assembly should initiate the making of a document at the level of BiH that would pertain to cooperation with other military alliances. We will thus manifest our right to cooperate with regional and global alliances. I am ready to say that we continue our struggle for our increased autonomy if BiH does not respect our constitutional status. The fact that we discuss the document in Parliament is a change compared to 2014. We don’t want to go against Russia; we don’t want a border on the Drina and to wash NATO’s conscience for that which they did to us. Let the opposition say it if they dare,” Dodik said.

He says that it won’t be allowed to the BiH Armed Forces to take part in military exercises near the Russian border.

“It cannot happen, while this political structure is in power, that the BiH Armed Forces are part of a mission in Kosovo. Republika Srpska does not allow BiH to recognize Kosovo. By that, we affirmed political neutrality as we will not do anything that is contrary to the interests of Russia, Serbia, and Republika Srpska,” Dodik said.


Source: srna


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