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Dodik: I Mean no Harm to Anyone, Any Bosniak, Any Muslim!


Serb Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik, talking on the TV show ”Telering”, said that he does not hate anyone and that he never interfered with the problems of the Federation of B&H, he did not give lectures to anyone about what they should do.

“I do not hate any of them, I do not want harm to anyone, anyone from Sarajevo, any Bosniak, any Muslim. They have their own Federation, they have their problems and I have never interfered with their things and I have never given a lecture about what they should do”, Dodik noted, adding:

“I was not taunting when they were not doing well, I was not cynical when they were in trouble or envious when they were successful. It does not interest me really, that is their problem. They choose their own people, they choose Bakir, Radončić, Komšić and others; let them answer to their voters. What do I have to answer them ?! ”

Dodik also referred to the recent donation of 100,000 marks for the construction of the Islamic Centre in Doboj, as well as the good cooperation with the Catholic and Serbian Orthodox Church.

“People are building a facility there to house a library and some other institutions. We have agreed upon those 100 000 KM and I asked the Government of Srpska to meet their needs. I have an obligation to Cardinal Puljić to fulfill by Catholic Christmas. ​​At the beginning of this year, I promised him help in the amount of 100 000 KM and it will be done by Christmas. We are also cooperating with the Serbian Orthodox Church; we are building a Serbian-Russian centre here. Therefore, it is part of our life in Republika Srpska and I have a responsibility to these people. They do not bother me, they are part of our society and the Republic of Srpska, and in that regard, it is quite logical for the institutions of the Republic of Srpska to react in this way”, Dodik concluded.


Source: frontal.ba


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