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Dodik: Irresponsible ones endanger us all


Serb Presidency Member Milorad Dodik said irresponsible citizens are endangering public health and the fight against the corona virus with their behavior.

– The government of Srpska will make a decision today to set up checkpoints at all border crossings – he added.

He pointed out that this virus was an invisible danger.

– That is why we are taking a number of measures, and this is seeking solidarity, which is necessary. The Government of Republika Srpska has taken all measures necessary, until I can say so for the Government of the Federation of BiH. The danger is the moment when the epidemic becomes more widespread, because the health centers cannot accommodate a large number of people, and this becomes a challenge – Dodik emphasized for RTRS.

He pointed out that the citizens of Republika Srpska are taking revenge on the measures.

– But we have noticed that some people who came from abroad are walking around, while our citizens respect the measures. The Republic of Srpska must address its self-defense issues today. We are not defeated, but we are worried. We want to prevent people who carry the virus from entering and quarantine them. The BiH Presidency is uncertain whether or not they will. I want to commend the Banja Luka local government, which is doing well, but above all the people who are disciplined, and that is the best proof of how responsible we are – Dodik said in an interview with RTRS.

He also said that officials were in contact with the Chinese Embassy in BiH and other international organizations, adding that the aim was to obtain the necessary funds.

– I’m proud of our people. But now, more than ever, those folk “stand on your own feet” applies. We are literally detached from the EU and EU countries, which rightly or wrongly protect ourselves. And, all this problem has come from the West – he said.




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