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Dodik: Joining NATO is ruled out


BiH Presidency Chair Milorad Dodik stated Thursday in Banjaluka that politicians in Sarajevo can say what they want, but Bosnia and Herzegovina will not join NATO because Republika Srpska has a resolution on military neutrality which its representatives in the joint institutions adhere to.

Dodik said that, being able to decide about themselves, the Serbs said they would not join NATO for many reasons, the most important one being that “they threw bombs at us”.

“That’s why we don’t want it,” said Dodik.

NATO does not need a divided country, he said, adding that the Croat member of the Presidency Zeljko Komsic hides his stance saying he will not support Zoran Tegeltija for the Council of Ministers chairperson if BiH’s accession to the military alliance is obstructed.

Dodik noted that due to the inability to form the government in the Federation of BiH and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Komsic was acting like that in order to try and get a few points from foreigners.

He told the press that during a recent meeting with the US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan he also said there was no consensus in BiH for joining NATO.

“That decision cannot be made and Komsic knows that very well. I would like to tell him I am the last one who wants BiH to function. I am gathering strength to do something about it /as the Presidency chair/ but my political stance is not oriented in that direction. It is my duty to show up there according to law,” said Dodik.

It is symptomatic that Komsic and others constantly say they love BiH and now they don’t want it to form the government, he said.


Source: srna


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