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Dodik: Komšić openly depraving the system on which BiH rests


The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik told Srna that BiH is composed of two entities and three constituent peoples and that all attempts which derogate that constitutional principle are anti-constitutional and anti-Dayton.

Commenting on the announcement by Croatian BiH Presidency Member Željko Komšić that the abolition of the principle of constituency of peoples in BiH will be one of the topics to be discussed with European officials, Dodik has emphasized that it is nothing but an open undermining of the system on which BiH rests.

“Hiding behind the opinion of the European Commission, which is obviously misread and selectively interpreted, Komšić tries to launch his political ideas by attacking the Constitution on which BiH rests. Obviously, Komšić put himself to the head of the column of the Unitarians to whom he must repay debts for votes that brought him to the Presidency”, Dodik emphasized.

According to him, it is interesting for the OHR to remain silent, even though Annex 10 to the Dayton Agreement leaves OHR in BiH to monitor the implementation of the agreement, recalling that the Constitution of BiH is an integral part of that agreement.

Dodik has stated that the OHR found it appropriate to advertise on issues which are not under its jurisdiction, acting as the elected political actor in BiH.

“Can you imagine that I say that as a Serb member of the Presidency, in a meeting with European officials, I would advocate for independence of Republika Srpska, what kind of hysteria would arise in Sarajevo and in international circles. Everyone would scream that it is anti-constitutional and anti-Dayton. Well, is it not anti-constitutional and anti-Dayton advocacy for the abolition of the constituent? So, this is the international community and the OHR and these are policies of double standards that have brought BiH to the blind road”, Dodik said.

Komšić has said recently that a possible change in electoral legislation, on the recommendation of the European Commission, can only go in the direction of strengthening the civic, and by no means ethnically – constitutive principle.

“I will do my best to implement the recommendations of the European Commission opinion in BiH as quickly as possible. No one of my meetings with EU officials and its representatives in BiH will take place without advocating for speeding up this process, which must inevitably lead to the rejection of constitutiveness and the introduction of equality and the equal value of the vote of all citizens. I am convinced that the EU will finally endorse to advocate a civic concept in BiH at the expense of the ethnic-constitutive”, said Komšić.


Source: srna


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